Toys For Kids Foundation

Panama City Beach, Florida

Toys For Kids Foundation, Inc. is attempting to help as many local families as possible to provide Christmas for area children. If you live in Bay County and have children living with you and need assistance with Christmas - we encourage you to apply. Please understand that this is step one and all preliminary applications will be vetted to prevent abuse. Thank you for visiting us today!

Merry Christmas!

Welcome to the Toys For Kids Foundation annual Christmas Assistance program. We have close working relationship with Family Services and have partnered with them for Christmas 2023 registrations. All parents seeking help with Christmas for the kids are encouraged to interact with Family Services here in Panama City, Florida.

Please note that our application process has closed for 2023. We have reached our capacity. We wish you the very best and encourage you to not give up!

This information was last updated on 11/28/2023

Thank You!

We would like to take a moment and thank our presenting sponsor, Ramey Law Office. Their enthusiasm helps us stay focused with such a monumental task. Thanks so much for caring about our community and all of the kids so greatly affected this year.

Along with our presenting sponsor, we could not host this Christmas Ball each year without a massive support system, which includes our helpers and their families and dozens of businesses aligned with our purpose and directives for Toys for Kids Foundation. Our Gold Sponsors this year includes: Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Gulf World, J. Michael's Restaurant and Oyster Bar, Mica Specialties, Smith Industrial Services and Cadence Bank. We extent a sincere THANK YOU to each of these generous businesses.

Last, but not least, we absolutely want to thank each of our Silver Sponsors. It's the teamwork of every single person and business that makes our hearts full. Please visit our Sponsors Page for the complete list of sponsors for Toys for Kids Foundation.